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OSX on a Gericom Excellent 1780


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I've been following this scene for quite a while now, and lately, I could get my paws on a Windoze Laptop.

I installed the 10.4.5 Myzar release, only to find out that it worked almost perfect out of the box (except for WiFi, but that's no surprise).


My current plan is to get the ATi Radeon 9600 Mobility inside this thing working as it should - currently, it uses 1024x768x32 and the VGA-Driver, but I know (after some Research in the Wiki and these Forums) that this card is one of the best to have for OSX86.


I tried Callisto 008, but to no avail - I have no clue how to get the PCI-ID.


So, in order to get a decent OpenGL performance, I'd like to know how to find out the PCI-ID - and if youcould help me out with further tipps regarding the 9600, I'd appreciate it, too.



Thanks in advance!

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