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[REQ] PSP - GTA:LCS with firmware update 2.01

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I really, desperately need a version of GTA:LCS for the PSP. I need the old version which came with firmware update 2.01. If you goto the UMD menu, you can check the firmware here. Mine says 2.6.


I live in Bombay, India. I would willing to exchange, buy or even take on rent. My GTA is like a week old. It has the UMD, box, map and manual. Perfect Condition. I will gladly pay for shipping and whatever you want to charge me. I will pay you through Paypal.


If u wanna, exchange, i donot care about the condition as long as the game can load a savegame. The game should run a bit too.


Thanks a lot.

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bump.....some one .....anyone


Come on some one must have one and not need it, after downgrading that is

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