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Will upgrading help me?


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Hello fellow Hackintoshers!


I currently have 10.4.5 running almost perfectly on my computer after days of fighting and reading posts on this forum. For the record its a Dell XPS 200 (the media center ones) with a 940D CPU, 4 gigs of RAM, Intel GMA 950, SATA hard disk, Sigmatel audio, a sony dvd burner, and who knows what network card. I got it all to work (network and sound did not work "out of the box") by copying what the user named "latexgirl" did as my system has the same chipset.


The ONLY thing that doesn't work is suspend, and even it kinda works. I can make the computer sleep by chosing that in the menu but after it wakes up EVERYTHING seems sluggish. As in unusable sluggish. As in I have to reboot sluggish.


Overall my hackintosh works so well that it makes my non pro Macbook cry (the base model- even though Xbench says the CPUs are VERY close in power). If I can fix this one issue I would have the perfect mac mini.


So- do you all think that upgrading to 10.4.6 or 7 might fix the sleep problem? Does anyone know another way to fix it if not? I'd rather not do it if it won't help (as it seems to be hard for me- my previous attempts at updating failed and I know to do it would take me a few days to get it to work correctly- much of that is backing up my system) but if someone tells me they think it will...well...goodbye next week.


Any advice is SOOOOO very welcome. Have a nice day either way!

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