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[help] ASUS - Eee Pc 1005PE SL compatible?!

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I don't understand if the guide to install SL on the Edd Pc 1000 is good for Asus Eee Pc 1005PE.

Can someone help me, because i should decide what kind of netbook I need to buy.


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Caveat with what I have to say. I am not a very knowledgeable person in all this stuff, and I have already invested many hours into trying to get Snow Leopard onto the same model ASUS without success. Notice that the forum is not very fast in responding to questions posted by new comers. Likewise some of the guides seem to be written from the standpoint that I already know some common facts which I do not know. Like simply how to edit Kexts into the install, or even when. If you look at my post I did not get far enough for that to matter. Perhaps it is that information of the process is spread across several websites.


I feel really sure that my ASUS is a much better Netbook than a Dell. However. Seems like, according to other posts, the install to the Dell Netbook is a a lot easier. At least I might be able to download a partition that will expand on the Dell and simply work. Some of the issues seem to revolve that I have started with Snow Leopard 10.6.3, which does not have Atom support rather than using an earlier version of Snow Leopard, which I do not see available for purchase right now. Plus I am not very anxious to throw more money into my putting Snow Leopard onto a Netbook. I missed my opportunity some six months ago when a friend bought a Dell tower and had the option to add a Dell Netbook for two hundred, plus at that time to have purchased a copy of an earlier Snow Leopard. I wanted an ASUS plus a faster processor.


The other day I was at a local computer shop where the owner is a graduate of Rice U. (in Houston - meaning he is a technical knowledgeable person) and likes to speak Apple. When I asked about whether he knew how to do a Snow Leopard install to a Netbook. He told me his shop, "Never had anything to do with any hackintosh stuff. That his recommendation was that I should buy a refurbished white Mac Book." Which I interpreted to mean instead of going through a lot time to install Snow Leopard onto hardware that was inferior to any Intel based Mac.

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Bottom line: You want an OS which IMHO is superior to M$ anything. Apple should recognize there is a market for this! It none the less is a learning experience to try and make this happen.

I have the same netbook ASUS 1005PE & I have a Dell XPS 1710, I had very little problems installing to the Dell. A few challenges getting various drivers (KEXT)s. Still do not have WiFi running. But everything else runs like butter.


Bigger challenges with the 1005PE. I've had it running SL but practically nothing worked.

I now have an earlier hack on it but I'm not able to boot into it. All of it is just learning to harness technology, discovery, understanding, what ever you want to call it.

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