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Suitcase Fusion Unibin released!


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New features are always nice, but the big question is "does it still suck?"


I've been burned by Suitcase so many times that I've completely given up on them. I threw away my licenced copy of X1 to use the free FontExplorer X app from LinoType. A MUCH better written app, and much more stable working with OS X's font caches. (It can also flush corrupt Font Caches, which Suitcase couldn't, maybe still can't?)


So adding some new stuff is fine, the TypeFace level of font activation is cool, since you don't want to ditch the whole font suitcase because a single typeface is missing it's PostScript file. But is it a complete re-write, or some more lines of code added on a poorly carbonized Classic app?


Still, like any bad break up. I have very little trust in Extensis.

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