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KP when booting system after 10.6.2 Hazard Install?

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I got this KP if I don't boot without -x:




It was a mininum install, FAKESMC and NullPowerManagement Kexts only.


It is a P5WD2 board, 4 gb RAM, Pentium D 930 (stock), Geforce 8500GT.


I can later try with a HS2600 ATI card, but I prefer using the Geforce.


Any clues?

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I had the same problems. Try to check the "SMBIOS resolver". Without this I cannot boot the OS. I believe that FAKESMC and NullPowerManagement is included in the list with the red letters. READ to it carefully. There is a list with included Fixed kext and (by my case) I dont need to check them.


My installation was:

1: 10.6.2 update

2. Boot 1.05 EFI

3. Kernel "ATOM" 10.2.0( the first)

4. Audio ALC 888

5. If you don't have patched DSDT you have to choose one of the CMOS Reset fix (the third - Eliott worked for me)

6. SMBIOS resolver

7 . the last 4 available options

Use Efi strings for Nvidia Card. I don't need to check anything else. I have 100% working system.



Intel E8200


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Sorry, what's SMBIOS resolver? goggling it I've found a kext and a full 10.6.2 (pirate) image. I'm having KP as well, can I just drop the kext to the S/L/E folder from another system (windows or the old Leopard partition) or is there any other thing I need to do?

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