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Right I'll start from the top, I installed 10.4.6 I think it was the maxxus one because it had the patches on the CD, I then downloaded the new AMD 10.4.7 update from the pirate place ;) installed it and now I have no sound. Also my applications are slow but they were slow even before installing 10.4.7


Here are my specs


KN1 SLI Extreme

AMD 64 3500 Winchester 2.3Ghz


2GB DDR 400

installed os x on 80GB IDE drive


Is there anything I can do to speed things up?

If you need any more info just ask and explain how to get it. Very new to mac software, I'm OK in windows but mac .........ummm


Any help would be appreciated





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Some more info on the problem, my sound works but is very temprimental, for example if I delete a tune from Itunes and then try and play another one it starts to play but I don't hear anything and its only after stopping and starting the tune a few times I actually get sound. Any ideas?


My system profiler seems to be screwed aswel.

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