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Overclock D805 on Intel D945GNTL

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i have a Pentuim D805.

now waiting for a new cooler.

and suppose to OC it some...

i'm newbie in OC'ing. can anyone help me?

give me some advice - how can i do this on my mobo - Intel D945 GNTL.

is it possible at all ?

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Hmmm i have a Intel Board at the moment a D915GUX with a single 2.8 CPU and i cant overclock it from the Bios. So Intel Bios is mostly Basic featured. Since i want the same as you want to OC the D805 CPU i shopped for the Asus P5LD2-V Mobo(not the VM!!). That Board is packed with all nice OC features from Asus and features a Marvel Yukon XX053 GB Lan chip, Intel GMA 950, ALC882Audio perfekt choice in my opinion.

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yeah. i suppose this is a good choice.

but i have already buy Intel and if it have no OC features (as i alleged), it's don't disturb me. i thought about EFI (Bios) update.. maybe.. with extended features... if no - will go with stock 2.66 Ghz ... no matter....

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