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help getting oblivion hdr to work

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I've looked at Phyre_wolf's post on the topic but I'm stuck at a white screen with some black objects and some objects with normal mapping only. I've already tried, several times, renaming shaderpackage00x file to shaderpackage002 with no change. Also, from my understanding, you're supposed to choose the appropriate shaderpackage 00x by checking the renderinfo.txt in your Oblivion folder. But I searched and it seems that I don't have renderinfo.txt file!? How do I fix the white screen and get the renderinfo.txt file. I'm using a ciderized Oblivion from a torrent site. Thanks



heh heh. Nevermind, I got it working. Everything works great. I used a newer verison of cider link and did these config file changes/shaderpackage trick link



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do you get a slight glitch due to sound every time you attack something

where the game freezes for a second or two?


I have something like that to, but i thought it was a physics issue. Now that i think of it it may be a sound problem to. Did you find a solution for it?

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