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What is the version number of the new Windows?

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Hey! Could anybody tell me that the version number is of the new windows?




EMail me on lcfcrthebest@hotmail.co.uk

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Windows Vista Beta 2 is build 5384

but there is a new build 5456 that came out just a few days ago...


see http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvi..._gallery_01.asp


The Vista Beta 2 5384 was available to the general public but have since stopped. 5456 is a CTP build and only available for windows connect participants who had enrolled in the Vista beta testing and are lucky enough to get chosen for testing from build to build. Its also available for IT professionals MSDN members and pilot project managers who have partnerships with the Vista beta programs, specifically software and driver programmers.

RC1 could possible be out by the end of July, but doubtful.


Download the Latest Windows Vista


If you are not already a member of the Windows Vista beta program, there are three other ways to obtain the latest beta version of Windows Vista:

MSDN Subscriptions - If you have an MSDN Subscription (Operating System level or higher), you can download Windows Vista Beta 2.

(Read information on purchasing an MSDN Subscription)

Windows Vista Beta Program - If you wish to become a beta member, you can do so by registering for the world-wide Windows Vista Beta Experience. There you can download or order Windows Vista Beta 2 and receive additional resources, specialist knowledge, and bonus material.

Windows Vista Beta 2 Customer Preview Program

- Windows Vista Beta 2 is now available via the Customer Preview Program (CPP). Visit the Get Ready for Windows Vista site to download or order Windows Vista Beta 2.





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