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JMicron Over 3 Gigs of Ram Alternatives to disabling ?


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When I add more than 3 gigs of Ram (6gigs) I get non stop unexpected Crashes and Kernel Panics.


After researching I found that it is indeed the jmicron controller that is the culprit. After disabling Jmicron the computer runs smoothly.



I was wondering though if there are any alternative methods to address the Jmicron-RAM issue without disabling it outright. I still wish to run my ide devices if possible without buying adaptors for every device.




My Setup:


Asus P6T SE

Intel i7 920

Asus EAH 4850 I gig Video

3gigs / 6 gigs (sans jmicron) RAM


Running Ideneb 10.5.5

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