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Previous Shutdown Cause: 3

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Something very strange happened overnight while i was sleeping... :rolleyes:


My computing has been running Mac OS and Windows together for 3 years now. Yesterday i played Left 4 Dead on Windows 7 and used Aperture on Snow Leopard. Everything was working perfectly.


This morning, when i try to boot SL it freezes after "Previous Shutdown Cause: 3". If I try to boot Windows 7 it freezes too.


I read this issue was related to power.

I tried to clear the BIOS, to unplug 2 of my 4 SATA hard drives and tried to use an other power outlet. My PSU is capable of 700W. My CPU is not overclocked.


Is my new Asus P5QC dead?


Thanks for the help.

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try to reset CMOS ( read the handbook of your board)


every once in a while i got same error.

one time no booting, second time no ethernet,

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Clearing the CMOS didn't helped.


What i did to solve the issue was to remove the ram and but it back in. Strange but it worked. Thanks anyways!

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