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How to: Dual Boot Windows Vista or 7 and Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard


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What you need: A partition to put mac os x on or a seperate hard drive

Guide for your board to correctly install mac os x

Copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a Drive over 8gb

Copy of Chameleon Bootloader

Patches for your motherboard


First Option: Using a seperate partition


First: Partition your drive, use about 35gb of space out of your drive MUST BE OVER 12 GIGABYTES OF SPACE OR ELSE MAC OS X WILL FAIL BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SPACE. U can also use mac's partitioner on the OS X CD


Second: Shut down your machine and boot into mac os x using an image with the chameleon bootloader on a flash drive (several guides on how to do this).


Third: Once the installer pops up choose your language, and go to disk utility. Format your drive into Mac OS X Extended Journaled. Give it a suitable name and Exit Disk utility.


Fourth: Pick the drive that has been formated and pick the packages that u want like printer drivers, fonts, Languages etc... After your ready hit the install button.


Fifth: Get something to do or get a cup of coffee and wait for about half an hour or an hour( depends on your speed). Restart the machine


Sixth: Boot into OS X. Use -f on command line




Eighth: Restart one final time to see if it worked. Boot into windows using the Chameleon GUI.


Second Option: Seperate Hard Drive


First: Disconnect the Windows drive from your motherboard.


Second: Use the USB drive with OS X on it and boot into the installer.


Third: Once in the installer, choose your language and go into Disk Utility


Fourth: Format your Blank Partition, name it and Format it into Mac OS X Extended Journaled


Fifth: Install the Operating System with what you want on it.


Sixth: Once installed Boot into OS X. Use the -f flag


Seventh: Install patches and chameleon bootloader.


Eighth: Plug your windows drive back in.


Ninth: Go into the BIOS and Choose your Mac OS X Drive as Primary Drive Master.


Tenth: Boot into mac os x and see if your drive is there.


Eleventh: Reboot one last time and let the machine boot into the Chameleon GUI. Boot into Windows and See if it works.




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