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Remapping Keys in OS X

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Hello Community,


I recently blindly bought a macbook that has an international keyboard. This wouldn't be a problem

if I knew how to remap the left shift key and the enter key, as they are both located in a slightly

different places. I tried apps like ukelele, doublecommand and keyremap4macbook, and I could not

figure how to remap a modifier key such as the left shift key or how to make a key behave like an

enter key. Any help would be greatly appreciated because it's very difficult to find any kind of typing

rhythm when the left shift and enter key are a space further than the keyboards I've been using my whole

life. I really trying to avoid buying a new uppercase assembly (because they cost $250 and I've

already paid enough for the machine itself)

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anyone have any ideas on how to remap Paragraph(§) to Backquote (`)?

my (`) key makes (§). doublecommand has no option for this, and neither does KeyRemap4MacBook.

just to be clear i dont want to make another key make (`) i want my (`) key to make a (`)

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