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Why still little interest in programming after Snow Leopard?

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I have watched some of the WWDC 2009 video on snow leopard, and the difference between Leopard and Snow Leopard was all focus on programmers and developers.


ie: make it "easier" to program, write less code, give you more API, tools, analyzer..


Feature wise for the users/consumers, there was only one (the MS-Exchange)


So its been about half a year .. and yet I don't see many new comers into programming?? Did Snow Leopard fail something somewhere?


The whole point of the WWDC 2009 was just to the programmers.. many USERS were disappointed I think.


Anyone have comments?

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in a way, its still a little lackluster. There arn't any new or revolutionary types of software coming out other than 64bit versions of existing programs. The Snow Leopard Xcode and iphine development seems faster to me, but that could be the new install...


I guess its a little dissapointing. Theres no real difference between snow leopard and leopard apart from the whole 64 and GC and unused openCL. Its not nearly the jump that tiger to leopard was in terms of development.

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Because the contract is very limited I think I saw a video on youtube which is in my mother language - russian. One person say the new contract by you and Apple is very limited.You can program one applet, but apple in every moment can say we wil decline your application from apple store! ...and what happened with you?! You code much time for what ? - For nothing!

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i think you are talking about the iPhone developer program...


The OSX developers have no app store to submit to...


The price of a OSX dev license went down to 99 from 499... that could help the development a bit...


I think the real problem is a tiny marketshare (5% at most) use osx... a developer could make tons more money with windows...

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