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[GUIDE] SNOW on Asus A8N-Sli Premium

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Hardware: Athlon 64x2 4400, 4gb ram ddr400 dual channel 128bit

video InVidia Geforce 8600GT 512mb

(audio is alc850 ac97)

chipset is Nforce4


  • Boot from a good Leo/Snow pc.
  • attach a drive (sata, ata, usb.. as you like)
  • do a Chameleon 2 RC4 setup on the above storage
  • perform a Snow (hazard ot other 10.6.2 amd ready dvd) setup, mounting the iso, with the doubleclick in the OSINSTALL.Mpkg
  • Choose these AD HOC custom installs:

- COMBO UPDATE "Mac_OS_X_10.6.2"


- Installa: "Kernels"

- Installa: "Legacy_kernel_10.2.0"


- Installa: "Network"

- Installa: "Skge"


- Installa: "SATA_ATA_Fix"

- Installa: "IOATAFamily_Fix"

- Installa: "IOATAFamily_SATA_Fix"


- Installa: "SMBIOSResolver"

- SMBIOSResolver.pkg : com.srbija.SMBIOSResolver.pkg : 1.0

- Installa: "UUID"

- UUID.pkg : com.srbija.UUID.pkg : 1.0

(no graphic injector)

  • Put FakeSMC 2.5 from netkas.org into Extra/Extensions
  • put DSDT.AML attached below in /Extra
  • put the smbios.plist tipical of snow
  • put the com.apple.boot.plist with video EFI string (QE/CI) (attached)
  • be sure to have the last SLEEPenabler and nullcpupowermanagement and EVOreboot in /Extra/Extensions
  • put AC97audio in S/L/E (attached) but see note

NOTE: the AC97 is difficult to find in true 64bit mode for snow, so I found a codec ALC850, changed the /content/Plugins/AppleAC97AudioIntelICH/Content/Info.plist


and If anyone find a driver real 64bit, pleasy apply this fix



in the dict: NVIDIA AC97 Audio

change the pci device match


<string>0x026b10de 0x005910de 0x00ea10de 0x00da10de 0x008a10de 0x006a10de 0x003a10de 0x01b110de 0x026c10de</string>



THEN: if you want audio, you have to put at BOOT.plist the -x32 switch, if not, you use the file attached and start a 64bit snow


NOTE2: pay attention to mine EFI string .. it's for my InVidia graphic card. With that method, suggested by gaansan, I can use video QE/CI in snow without using any critical 32/64 injector and vanilla invidia driver.



that's all!

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Thanks for the Guide Ugokind. Have you found any different drivers for the sound in x64?


The sound works, but everything slightly sounds sped-up or in chipmunk voices. Do you have any idea how to fix this issue?




EDIT> SOLUTION> the needed driver was in a very obviously place. ALC850 @ kexts.com. Works perfect - no more chipmunks.


--Asus A8N SLi DX

--Athlon64 +4600 OC'd 2.69Ghz Dual-Core

--Zotac 9800GT Eco 1Gb

--4Gb OCZ Platinum 400Mhz

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hi...i have the a8n sli deluxe with 1 gb of ram....it boot in 5minutes! with hazard client/server edition.....my atom with 1,5gb of ram boot in less than 1 minute...where's the problem?....where i can found the cpuid.txt for marvin?....i have the x2 3800+ the 64bit wad enable by default?Sorry for the english...i'm italian...and i don't have time for use google translate XD



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(5th Update Aug 11 2010)

Simplest RETAIL INSTALLATION A8N-SLI Premium SLEEP Working. (opteron 165 - 4GB -XBENCH SCORE 92)

Only 4 kexts needed 3 for devices and Fakesmc.



Boot from a good Leo/Snow pc.

Attach a drive (sata, ata, usb.. as you like)

Do a Chameleon 2 RC4 setup on the above storage

Perform a OSX Retail Setup Preferently 10.6.4, mounting the iso, with the doubleclick in the OSINSTALL.Mpkg

Install Legacy_kernel_10.4.0 Provided

Copy dsdt.aml and com.apple.boot.plist provided to /extra, fix permissions.

Copy provided kexts to Systems/library/extensions (Not Extra), repair permissions, rebuild cache.




BIOS SETTINGS key to get good performance and avoid the spinning pizza wheel. :blush:

Peg Link mode: disabled, Peg Root Control:disabled, Peg Buffer Length: Auto.



this dsdt is for 7600gs if you want to get your card working and is different from this one you have 2 simple options:

1 Edit dad NVIDIA card info.

2 Install NVENABLER.kext


If you have another graphics card, I don't have experience about.


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Check Modifications.


Hi dragonspeed,


Thanks for the guide,



A8n32-SLI DELUXE X2 3800+ OC to 2.6Ghz

4 GB DDR400

WD Black 640 GB HD


I am not sure I can use your DSDT file.


• Boot Snow Leopard Client-Server 10.6.2 SSE2/SSE3 Intel AMD - DVD

• Choose custom installs:

- DO NOT INSTALL Snow Leopard Server 10.6.2

Kernel: Legacy_kernel_10.2.0

Boot loader: Chameleon 2 RC4

Graphics: your choice ( I got NVenabler for my Zotac 9500 GT)

Chipset: NforeceATA

Audio: ALC850-AC97

Network: Skge


Cmos Reset: ElliottForceLegacyRTC







WORKS for me


A8n32 -SLI DELUXE X2 3800+ OC to 2.6 GHz

4GB DDR400

Zotac 9500GT 512MB

WD 640 GB Black Ed.

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Not sure also if you can use it, but give it a try. Is a good one.


I have just upload a newly modified.


sorry to drag this up from the past, but I've just freed up a machine, a8n-sli deluxe and i would love to load my OSx 10.6 retail disk on it. I've tried a number of the generic AMD guides and I'm stuck at the "sill waiting for root device" on all of my efforts. I've looked through your guide and it sounds like you have figured out a way to get around this...but honestly some of the language is above me.


you say "boot from good leo"...well I have a VM of LEO running on another system. will that work? I could just hook up my planned boot drive with USB to the VM and go from there.


then you say, "Do a Chameleon 2 RC4 setup on the above storage" I'm not sure what that is. I'm guessing it's on of the later steps in a guide that does the diskutility setup on the target drive, but I'm not sure.


then you say, "Perform a OSX Retail Setup Preferently 10.6.4, mounting the iso, with the doubleclick in the OSINSTALL.Mpkg" again, I'm lost here. I have a 10.6 disk, not 10.6.4. and do I do this with the disk still hooked up to the "good leo"


sorry for the dumb questions.

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