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Backup solution: RAID, incremental or TimeMachine

Best way to backup files  

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  1. 1. What is the better choice for backup of simple files?

    • Time Machine
    • Software raid
    • Incremental backup
    • Other (please precise)

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Would like to get about 500GB of secured files on my OSX.


Which way is the better/safer :


1. Software raid

- Make a partition for 500GB on my 1TB hard drive

- Create a mirror RAID (along with another exact 500GB HD) in OSX disk utility

- Cross my hand it will not crash since I do not know how to recover RAID partition!


2. Versioned backup

Do an every night versioned backup with Silverkeeper or iBackup


3. Built-in time machine

Use Time Machine, even if I only want file backed up. How much space do I need ? Will it slow down my system. Reliable on a hackintosh ?


What is the way to go?

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You can eliminate TimeMachine, since i discovered it is not really advised to use it specifically just for a storage drive. I'm still not decided between the first 2 options.

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