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[Request] Hardware subforum for notebooks

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What about a such subforum? Notebooks have specifuc iussues.

There are lots of request for working notebooks suggestions, or help for drive iussues!


I think it could help divide notebooks and desktop components.


What about?



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I would also appreciate a Notebook section. It's quite easy to find desktop hackintosh components, but finding a recent QE enabled notebook is much harder. I've tried reworking the Wiki's portable HCL list with QE/no QE badges. Also I've posted a thread with Macbook alternatives.


In my opinion Apple forces their vendors to give them unique graphic adapters for Macbooks, which are not sold in other notebooks, to prevent Hackbooks.

I think Apple tolerates netbooks with osx86 because there exists no similar product (aside the ipad).


Please add a notebook section! A big amount of new devices sold are portable computers.

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