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Can't boot from OS X partition

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Hello.  I installed iDeneb 1.6 with Chameleon 2 on my PC today.  Installation went off without a hitch, and the installer initiated the restarting procedure correctly as well.  After restarted and the post-BIOS part of startup, the computer simply booted into Windows.  The Chameleon selector screen didn't show up, nor was there any error message.  The computer simply booted exactly the same as it did before I installed iDeneb.


I had a pre-existing Windows XP installation before I installed iDeneb.  I resized the Windows partition to 30 GB, leaving about 190 GB of unpartitioned space plus a "restore partition" included with the computer.  I then used Windows' Diskpart utility to make a partition that I could edit with OS X's Disk Utility.  I erased this partition in Disk Utility and reformatted it so it was compatible with OS X and could be mounted.  Summarizing, my partition setup is:





Primary - Windows (30 GB)


Primary - iDeneb (150 GB)


Unpartitioned space


Primary - Restore.





After booting failed, I booted from the DVD, went into terminal, and used FDISK to make the iDeneb partition "active", which also succeeded, but again, it still didn't boot in Chameleon.


What should I do?



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Alright.  After considering your suggestion, I decided to try modifying the Windows bootloader to boot iDeneb.


Before I did this, I attempted to use Windows' "diskpart" utility to set the OS X partition as active.   Again, the process was successful, but the computer continued to automatically go to the Windows Boot Loader on startup without an error message or anything else to indicate that the iDeneb partition was even being considered.


I copied the "chain0" file from the iDeneb DVD to the Windows partition and modified boot.ini with the following added entry:




When I select this option at startup, I get this error:


boot(1)= error


Is the iDeneb partition simply unbootable?  Or is Windows XP simply being stubborn?




- Dual Intel Pentium D  2.80 gHz (SSE3 and 64-bit compatible)


- nVidia 7300LE


- Realtek HD Audio


- Intel ICHx family chipset


- First partition: XP (Primary), second partition: iDeneb, unpartitioned space, third partition: restore




iDeneb 1.6 "Lite"



Chameleon 2.0 RC1 (installed with iDeneb)


Windows XP MCE SP3

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