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Read Access to Linux EXT2 and EXT3 Partitions

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This is posted already but I'd like to place it here for future reference. Please note that you can not sue me, this site, or the developer of the application in case it blows up your computer or burns down your house. Bs aside, lets get started.


Download this: Ext2FS_1.4d2.dmg

More information here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsx/


In terminal:


mkdir /Volumes/LinuxHome

sudo mount -t ext2 -w /dev/disk0s7 /Volumes/LinuxHome


* The first command creates a LinuxHome folder in the /Volumes directory and the second command mounts my Linux /home partition to /Volumes/LinuxHome

* Change the folder name and disk ID to reflects your own installation. The example above is my own install.


When the partition or drive is successfully mounted, don't forget to look on your desktop for the new drive :D.


As always, please support the developers for the hard work they did to make your lives easier!!




* You can easily mount your EXT partitions by using iTerm. It has a bookmark feature that you can add to your sudo commands so you are only one click away from access your drives. Familiarize yourself with the application and be happy :)


* If you have windows installed, use Acronis or partitionMagic to create your EXT2/3 partitons. If you are familiar with gparted, you might be able to use it also. I had problems using gparted because neither Acronis or PartitonMagic would recognize any partitions I create with it. ;)

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I ll give it a go soon.

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kext is loaded fine becasue when i tired to mount it the first time it said kext loaded but it doesnt work for me says:


haani$ sudo mount -t ext2 -w /dev/disk0s6 /Volumes/Ubuntu

mount_ext2: /dev/disk0s6 on /Volumes/Ubuntu: Invalid argument

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