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hi! i hope this is the right place to post this.

i just got a used mac g5 dual with no hard drive, thus no os.

I bought a sata drive, used macdrive on my pc to format it to hsf extended. installed it in the mac tower.

put in my osx 10.4 install disk (after holding down mouse button at startup), and i'm looking at - not an install screen - but a screen with a folder icon in the midle that flashes the mac finder icon.

i'm guessing the disk is not being seen for the install.

i tried pressing 'c' at startup, i get a gray screen for a moment and then it goes to the folder screen again.


my question is: how do i do a fresh install on a mac? do i need a certain os version to start from scratch? thanks!!!!

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I'm willing to bet it's a late 2005 model, which could mean your 10.4 disk will be older than the machine and might not install. Can you try it with a 10.5 disk and let us know what happens?

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what does the install disk look like?

id heard that the grey disks are specific to certain computers but the black ones are universal.


hope it turns out ok for ya!

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