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Can someone give me some input?


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Here is my comp specs.


Intell 3.2GHZ Presscott with 2MB level 2 cache

1.0GB DDR2 Ram

Intell 915 based ECS Motherboard

128MB Geforce 5500OC Video Card

20GB Old School Western Digital IDE HD


Ok when I installed Appled of the developer DVD it installed beautifully:

Sound, Lan and everything else worked I DIDN't even have to install any patches or mods of any kind. Very Easy install.


Can someone please check my xbench results and let me know how my system is?




One thing I would like an explaination on is the vecLib FFT score.


Thanks HooKed.




Damn no input?

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Your scores look about right for the spec.


The vecLib stuff is disappointing but to be expected as Altivec, the G4 and G5's equivalent to SSE is quite a lot more powerful, and Xbench has routines that would test it. At the moment SSE doesn't offer anywhere near the same performance.

From things I've read on other forums, if there is a downside to the transition to Intel CPU's its the loss of Altivec for certain application types.

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