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The new Expose: what was Apple thinking?

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Hey all, a quick rant/ask for help:


Has ANYONE figured out how to tell expose in 10.6 to not be in a grid with every window the same size? The way it works now basically kills the whole reason for it's existence. It's in a grid... and every window is the same size... how am I supposed to tell windows apart? From the the crappy text at the bottom? Ridiculous.


The old expose was the tool I used most on OS X, and now it's worthless to me. The most important part was the windows swooshing visually from where they were on screen reliably and keeping their relative sizes so you could use the visual clue to tell them apart. Now they all look like the same window, and wow... I feel like I'm on Windows again.


Actually, speaking of Windows, it seems like whoever designed the newest version was a Windows user. I'm not saying this as a dis on Windows, but rather pointing out a specific difference in the paradigms of OS X and Windows. In Windows, windows are meant to be fullscreen, and covering up the whole screen (and preventing access to the other windows of the screen). That just how it was designed, and some people really like that. OS X, on the other hand is designed for windows to be layered, to be separate, and to be their own entities.


When a Windows user gets on a Mac, one of the first things they try to do is to maximize the window. I know because I used to do it! But then I realized that it's just not as efficient for multi-tasking (this is an opinion, not meant to start a flame). However, if you have all the windows the same size on Leopard, let's say, then when you use Expose, you ended up with a useless grid. So if the person who designed the new Expose was a windows user, who always maximized everything, then of course they would think that Expose needed tweaking, as it was useless for that.


I've seen on other forums hacks to remove the blue outline, but has anyone found a way to put the relative sizing back into it? It's ridiculous that a chat window should be the same size (or bigger!?) as a Firefox window.

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