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usb hdd losing power upon install of OSX on hp mini

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Hi everybody,


I'm new to this whole Hackintosh thing and am running into a little bit of a snag when trying to get my HP mini 1000 to boot up from my usb external hdd. So the particulars...


GUID partitioned usb hdd

retail Leopard updated to 10.5.7

universal installer

hp mini plugin

chameleon 1.0.12

removed the required kexts files from the systems folder


After I set everything up on the hdd, i plugged it into the mini and held f9 on bootup. The OSX screen comes up and the little dial (not the beach ball) spins and my hdd goes into a sleep mode, as though the usb port loses power and the installation stalls there.


Has anyone heard of this? Am I doing something wrong? I've searched for this everywhere and havent come up with anything yet. Should I just re-install everything on to the hdd?


Thanks for reading!


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