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Unreal Tournament for OS X

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Unreal Tournament Launcher for Mac OS X


- This is not like any other Launcher you may of tried in the past


This launcher uses a recent version of Cider to bring seamless gameplay of Unreal Tournament to your Intel Mac.


When compared to Crossover:

- Less laggy

- Less memory usage


When compared to the Original OS X loader:

- Music is enabled now

- Less laggy

- Easier to configure

- Mods work

- Intel compatible. Not running on Rosetta


Testing working:

- Audio and Music (Galaxy tested only, OpenAL may work better)

- Internet Gameplay

- ChaosUT Mod

- WeaponLord Mod

- Graphics (OpenGL)



- This however is ONLY the loader. You need a copy of Unreal Tournament (perferable Game of the Year) downloaded and installed and patched to 436. After you obtain a copy of UT and have it patched, throw the folder UnrealTournament into /Unreal Tournament.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/

- Optional downloads include the OpenAL and FMOD audio fix and the OpenGL enhanced renderer.

- This game has proven to run best under OpenGL rendering and no DirectInput.

- Mods are able to be installed however, only .zip mods were only tested. I can't imagine a UMOD installer at this time being supported for this kind of loader.

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