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Looking to build an OSX machine. Need help.

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How are you all doing?

I've just joined this forum in order to learn more about hackintosh and get support for my first build.

So far, I came up with this config:


- Motherboard: GA-EX58-UD4P (Looking to use on-board audio + ethernet)

- CPU: Intel Core I7 920 (want to use the 4 cores plus the hyper threading)

- Memory: 2X CORSAIR PC XMS3 Triple Channel 3 x 2 GB DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 CL9 (totaling 12gb of RAM)

- Graphic card: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 275 - 896 MB DDR3 - PCI-Express 2.0

- Optical Drive: SAMSUNG DVD±RW 22X SH-S223B Sata

- Hard Drives: 3X MAXTOR DiamondMax 22 - 1 TB - 7200 RPM - 32 MB - SATA (one for Snow Leopard, one for time Machine, One for pictures, music, and video.)

- PSU: OCZ PC StealthXStream 700 W

- Case: LIAN-LI PC Armorsuit PC-P50

- Bluetooth: Asus USB-BT21B

- Display: 2X HP 2309m (looking to use dual display for video editing and so on)

- Keyboard: Apple wireless keyboard

- Mouse: Apple mighty mouse wireless or magic mouse

- Operating system: OEM install dvd of OSX 10.6 and upgrade to 10.61


Looking to get a clean install as straight forward as possible with Psystar Rebel EFI.

Want to run Snow Leopard on 64bit mode.


And that's my thoughts. Look forward to hear from you. Will all this work as a "real" Mac pro 4 core?


Thank you.

Best regards!

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