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Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

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I have trouble.
I have D-Link DBT-120 dongle and Sony Bluetooth keyboard (with trackpoint).
Keyboard was pair with dongle success in HCI mode.
I reflash my DBT-120 with newest firmware from apple (HID+HCI mode). Dongle work in HID and HCI (via HID2HCI.exe) as usually.
I pair my keyboard wit DBT-120 in HCI in windows. BUT! It not working in BIOS at all! After reboot keyboard link to dongle in hid mode (i see indicator) and also when i type any keys on keyboard i see reaction of dongle via leds (dongle pair with keyboard and it's true!). But nothing will happend in BIOS and windows after load in HID mode.
Please if somebody know what must i do to make enter to my BIOS.
Thank you!

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start by putting your computer information in your signature. which main board/ BIOS do you have?

maybe you should also start a new post with a informative title (!) in the right section (!) of this forum

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