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Thinkpad T60 integrated BCM2045B

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I've been trying for days to get the integrated Bluetooth adapter in my Thinkpad T60 working properly. My real goal is to get a wireless connection of some form working on the laptop. It has an integrated Intel 3945ABG, which is about useless as far as OS X is concerned. I've tried replacing the internal wireless, but got dropped packets in OS X and Windows. So I'm trying to get the Bluetooth to work. At first it wouldn't even come on; inserting the correct vendor IDs into the BroadcomUSBBluetoothHCIController plugin allowed me to turn on the Bluetooth, scan for available devices and configure services. However, file transfers happen at about 8kb and pings return times of >10000ms. A look at the console log shows IOBluetoothBNEPDriver returning overruns. Fortunately, I have a D-Link DBT-120 I can use for surfing around the house, but I'd like to get the integrated device working if possible. Has anyone gotten a Broadcom BCM2045B working properly?

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Ive beendoing some reasearching lately into the matter and im wondering how far youve gotten. I also have the 2045b chipset. ive come across a driver that makes sl acknowledge the card as a somehow more closely related to a standard internal apple bt card. this allows me to turn the bluetooth on and off successfully where as i wasnt even given the option before the install of the kext. But still not aide in the issue of the bt waking correctly. while my 10.6.7 t60 sleeps and wakes up quickly, upon wake the bt light does not come back on and there appears a line through the bt icon on the top bar. did you ever find a fix for this? cheers

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