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Malicious Code

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And humans are always wondering on any new methods to test the level of Moronity!

Duh! I seriously fail to understand the breed of software developers who actually will code such kind of stuff!

Moreover, would they themselves like to be invaded by such spam?


Hmm.. paradoxical huh?


Sheeesh... what a waste of brains, really.



Freaky Chokra :pirate2:

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aside from grammar failure (Major companies spend 3 weeks checking over their popup making sure there are no typos/graphical messups) The IP is fail too, and so is the popup itself Xd. Your PC is infected by viruses -downloads- Unknown file format, Macs cant open .exe files. Hahaha you would think they would redirect you somewhere else if you had a Mac :) Sereiously, put it on failblog.org

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