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Installing Leopard on LG x120

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Hey all,


So I recently bought a new LG x120 netbook, and I couldn't think of a way to make it better, without installing Leopard onto it.


So i've been surfing around, and I can't really find any stories about people who have tried installing it on this netbook specifically. This makes me wonder of course if anyone has ever done it in the first place. I am sure someone has.


Maybe I am missing a part of the forum somewhere with secret hidden details about how to go about installing Leopard on my LG x120. Hopefully someone has some stories to share about this though!


Let me know if you have heard of anyone doing it, or you have seen a tutorial somewhere related to the LG x120 specifically!





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take this guide: USB Installation Mac


snow leopard works great on my x120. sound, WLAN and WWAN are okay.

but i didn't yet fix the hibernation mode :rolleyes:







I have installed my x120 with osx and everything working well except for the bluetooth module. Did you get your bluetooth working? If yes, how did you do it?

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Interesting, if you try this please let me know how it goes! We have a few X130s at work (I actually work for LG here in the UK) would love to try out and installation on one of them.

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