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I installed and tried some ftp server software on Mac osx 10.5.8 but they listen port 21 only primary internal IP address. I have 4 router with 4 public IP and I would forward the public IP:21 or :80 on my ftp server:21 or 80. I just created Vlan but nothing. I just installed a new lan (DLINK DGE-530T) but nothing. I have answer only by primary ip.

If I try to connect with intranet on ip lan secondary it's all ok.



Could you help me?

Many thanks in advance

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Is your "forwarding" working at all? Just try to "telnet externalip 21" (from outside) and check if it connects. If not, check your forwarding. It should connect and receive the ftp server hello if working. Something like this:


$ telnet externalip 21

Trying externalip...

Connected to externalip. <- connected

Escape character is '^]'.

220 Your Server (Blabla) <- hello from server

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