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[GUIDE] Making a DSDT.aml for Dell XPS M1330, XPS M1530, and XPS M1730

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Anyone able to assist? 


My youtube videos are delayed (video is behind) also tested with videos from other sources.. same problem. 

My clock is also delayed by about 1-5 minutes 

I thought maybe it was a video card driver issue (because i STILL can't change the resolution out of 1280 even though System Information says i have a 8600 GS)

But i've installed Nvidia web driver with no change (and no resolutions added for that matter) 


So i moved on to bus frequency settings (CPU at 2.20Ghz And Bus Frequency at 198999 (for that 10% Decrease fix idea earlier in the thread) and still no change. 


I do also have a audio static noise (I've band aid fixed by going into Midi Setup and turning the frequency to 192hz) 


Running El Capitan + Clover EFI (as per Fusions guide) 

DELL M1530 

2.20Ghz T7500 CPU (according to BIOS) 

4G DDR2 

GPU: I was under the impression was an 8600GT but as i said.. it says GS in system info) 


Everything else is working nice enough as long as i change any audio settings i find to 192hz.. Sleep is broken (sometimes works, sometimes restarts.. i turn it off anyway) 



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Hi Guys,


Successfully installed High Sierra Release 10.13_17A365 on my Dell XPS M1530/Intel T9300/GF 8600M (external HFS+ HDD for testing  :))...



Steps to install or upgrade install:
1)  Upgrade Clover to r4220 and latest config.plist & kexts for Sierra/High Sierra.
2)  Download "Install macOS High Sierra.app" v13.0.64 from Mac App Store.
3)  Prior to update, delete NVRAM.plist files from all EFI partitions (incl USB drives) and clear NVRAM (sudo NVRAM -c command in terminal).  This avoids "OSInstall.mpkg damaged/missing" error.
4)  Directly run "Install macOS High Sierra.app" from Applications folder, targeting the desired HFS+ or APFS installation partition --> automatically creates "macOS Install Data" folder on that volume...
5) At first restart, boot to "macOS Install" ---> files from install packages written to disk...
6) At second restart, boot to High Sierra partition, setup user etc.  If there is a kernel panic after kext caches are rebuilt, just boot again into High Sierra.  The Disabler.kext will prevent future panics once it is in the pre-linked kernel cache (blocks AppleYukon2.kext in /S/L/E).
Installation Notes
  • Clover's default values for FF/FFM/PF and BIOS ver/date/Board-ID data (MBP7,1 SMBIOS) --> avoids error while "verifying firmware".
  • Install apfs.efi driver in /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64 only if you need to install on APFS target volume.
  • If upgrading existing OS X on HDD, HFS+ is preserved (on SSD HFS+ will be converted automatically to APFS).


Hi fusion71au!

Would you have a detailed tuto to install high sierra on the same M1530 as yours, including BIOS settings?

My HD is a new one, no os on it.

Thank you for your help!  :)


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