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Razer Barracuda's Noise Canceling Technology: How Good is it for Street Noise?

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Hi. I'm more interested in the Barracuda's noise canceling technology. I'd like to ask how the noise canceling technology of the Razer Barracuda is? My room is close to the street. I've measured it to about 50 to 70 decibels when vehicles pass (using an iPhone decibel meter). How much percentage could it cancel out with these kind of noise? Will it reduce it to around 30 decibels (libray quiet) at least? Is the noise canceling technology as good as the Bose QuietComfort 3, or the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7, the Sennheiser PXC 450 or the Sony MDR-NC500D? I'm also considering these brands and models besides the Barracuda if they cancel noise significantly better than the Barracuda.


Can the Barracuda's noise canceling technology work with any gadget without needing any kind of driver installation?


Will it work with any gadget as long as the plug fits? (DVD player, console, iPhone, other gadgets, etc.)?


Could you use it as a stand alone noise canceling headphone to block out very loud street noise so I could focus on work (writing, industrial designing, game creation and drawing)?


Is a noise canceling headset significantly better than earmuffs when it comes to making your room quiet?


The 5.1 surround that the Barracuda has would be a bonus for me because I already have 5.1 speakers. How effective is the noise cancellation for my situation is the most important for me. But how does a 5.1 speaker compare with a base entry 5.1 speaker system from Creative (an SBS 540)


How about earphones with noise cancelations. Any recommendations on that one? Other suggestions are welcome.


Thank you in advance.




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Being relatively cheap and the fact that it is a system with many drivers I doubt. As quality depends on the distance from the mic to the inner ear, meaning the room for 8 drivers inside the cup will move it further away. I suggest you try them all and pick the one that you feel suits you...

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