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iDeneb or Iatkos install on AMD X2 6000+ with GIGABYTE MB


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I just need some advice really as to what's gonna be best out of IDeneb 10.5.7 or Iatkos 10.5.7

to install on my current system as follows:


- AMD X2 6000+ Processpr

- Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 F2 motherboard

- ASUS EAH4670 Series graphics card

- 3gb of ram

- x 2 sata HD 160gb & 1tb (main system currently runs vista from 160gb drive)

- x 1 ide HD 120gb (this is drive I am trying to install OS X on to) (Currently slave on IDE)


I've so far tried afew installs of IDeneb 10.5.7, everything seems to install fine from DVD

then once I restart system does;t seem see install on the IDE drive and just boots back

off the installer DVD.


Can anyone tell me what extra drivers I have to install with my current system setup?

eg what bootloader and other drivers etc.


Any help would be most greatful!!!



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