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Realtek 8169 NIC - no WOL


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I recently had to switch my 8139 NIC to a 8169 NIC cause of Sleep problems (System sometimes did hang with Screen off but fans running when going to Sleep)

After the NIC Upgrade my System does Sleep without issues ;)


But: Wake on Lan doesn't work anymore. When the System is off or sleeping, the NIC is turned off completely, the LAN Port LED on the Router is switched off, meaning there is no connection. With the 8139, the LAN Port stayed on and WOL did work with the magic packet.


After some googling i found out that the 8169 needs to be initialized for WOL by the Networkdriver. I guess the stock Appledriver doesn't do this. On Linux there is a tool called ethtool to do this.


Wake-on-lan is ticked in the Energysaver prefpanel. There is a Driver from Reatltek, RTG 2.03, but only for Leopard, i am using SnowLeopard.


Anyone has made WOL to work with this NIC?

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