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      Solution to create a topic or post.   04/24/2018

      Hello guys. The majority of you are having issues to create a topic or post here. This are a problem with our current theme InsanelyMac.  Now the theme will be the Default IPS. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Thnx for this, i just replaced the cdboot from BootCDMaker.app/Contents/Resources/loaders/chameleon/usr/standalone/i386 , with the one from chimera r877 and add my extra folder from SL installation in BootCDMaker.app/Contents/Resources/Preboot, builded the cd and was able to install Lion DP4 with no issues at all. works great. Thnx a lot. Regards

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BootCDMaker hanged in my case on running "say" in it's shell scripts. Environment is 10.6.7. If anybody will experience the same problem, consider of adding something like 'alias say=echo' (missing quotes) in very begining of BootCDMaker's main shell script (and legacy one, if you use it ever).

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