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Time Machine, dowsnt work

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How to fix, had used weaksauce gudie, and his Uinstaller tool. But it still dowsnt work cant find the interface or something.... any advise?

Are you using the onboard Ethernet, or a separate Ethernet card?


One thing about TM that I think holds true- when you install OSX with an active network interface (IE: any REAL Mac would have one, and with a Hackintosh, any onboard or added card that works OOB- that is, active at install) then TM will 'bind' to that interface (I'm guessing the MAC address). It's somewhat logical thinking in terms of this is all designed to work with actual Macs that all have built-in, unreplacable NICs that of course are going to work OOB with TM. Even a MacPro with added NIC isn't going to 'uninstall' the onboard. But it seems to add confusing behavior to TM with Hackintoshes where NICs get added/uninstalled from the system.


So it seems that if disable the ethernet interface that was active on install, TM will fail- even if you add another network card. At least, this has been my experience. IF this is the case- you're using an added card, and disabled the onboard- try re-enabling the onboard and making sure it shows up in the network control panel, whether you use it or not. Then TM should work again.


If it's not the case, then I'm not sure. I know that UInstaller has a TM fix checkbox that applies a working EFI string to the ethernet (with boards supported by the install package).



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