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blinking cursor uppon boot

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i know their's been a lot of talking about the boot and bootloader of osx but i can't get my drive to boot.

Only boot from cd works.


First i installed acronis but after some discomfort i decided to run only osx but leave my windows partition intact for whatever reason.


after deinstallation i got "mbr 1 error" and "mbr 3 error", after some research i found out that they came from acronis .. leaving the MBR crippled :)


after some playing around i set the osx parttition 0xAFh active and rebooted


Now i;m presented with an blinking cursor and the only way to boot osx is via cd.

Boot the cd, then press F8 before the selector or leave the selector timeout ..


Is their a way to get my osx to boot (not from the cd i mean)

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After a little more research i've now can:


select the disk to boot boot from in the preference pane.

Did that thru the following commands:

cd /System/Library/CoreServices

sudo bless --folder /System/Library/CoreServices --bootinfo --bootefi

but if you click it .. it won't restart .. :) so the boot isn't set.


If you do an tail on the console.log -> "tail -f /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log"

and then click the drive again you want to boot from .. you (i did ... ) see some things ... errors ..

Could not find IODeviceTree:/options

Error returning bless. Returned error 3

date/tome System preferences[187] Error setting the Startup Disk.



Does someone know how to solve this ?

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