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Clean 10A432 Install Advent 4211 (Msi Wind clone)

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What do I mean by clean? Installed as Apple intended. i.e. not having to use any hacks to get the install DVD to work such using OSInstall.mpkg method.


All the fixes are in EFI partition and the only thing changed on the install partition is removal of AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext.


My Advent 4211 Spec:


Apple Extreme Wifi

2gb ram

Sentelic touchpad

Otherwise standard.


Whats working? Everything including internal mic. (Optional VoodooHDA file in 4211-10A432/Other)


What you need:


Access to a Mac – I used Mac mini so cannot verify it working on other Mac’s (but don’t see why it should not – try at your own risk)


A spare USB or if you dare clean off your existing – but you will need a USB or connecting adapter.


A Retail Snow Leopard DVD (10A432) bought from Apple.


The attached folder 4211-10A432


A copy of Chameleon r431


A copy of cVad’s KextUtility application

cVad KextUtility



1. Get the downloads & attached 4211-10A432


2. Plug your USB hdd into the Mac, format GUID.


3. Install Snow Leopard via Mac. (Double click install icon on DVD)


4. When the install complete (still on the Mac) Remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. from System/Library/Extensions. (Make sure you don’t take it from the Mac’s hdd or your mate will not be happy)


5. Install Chameleon r431 on the EFI partition of the hdd you just installed on – choose “EFI partition HFS” (you don’t need any of the Extras)


6. Find the EFI partition identity via Terminal


diskutil list

eg. disk0s1


7. Mount the EFI partition. Replace X (in third code below) with the partition number you identified.


sudo –s

enter your password

 mkdir /Volumes/EFI

 mount_hfs /dev/diskXs1 /Volumes/EFI

EFI partition should pop up onto desktop but if not do

killall Finder


8. Show hidden files


defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

killall Finder

Now hidden files visible


9. Delete the boot file in root of EFI partition and replace with file from 4211-10A432 Boot


10. Delete from EFI/Extra the file com.apple.Boot.plist


11. From disk utility find the UUID of the install partition and copy it.


12. On PlatformUUID.kext, smbios.plist, and com.apple.Boot.plist in 4211-10A432 Extra & Extensions change the UUID (is SMUUID on smbios) with the one copied earlier.


13. Now copy everything in 4211-10A432 Extra folder and paste to you EFI partition Extra folder.


14. Next make a copy of Extra to root of install - Experienced users can skip this in favour of Symbolic link or command line instructions to enable creation of the EFI/Extra/Extensions.mkext & cashe build rather than doing this and using KextUtility.


15. Install and run KextUtility


16. Copy & Paste the Extension.mkext from root copy of Extra to EFI/Extra and then delete root copy of Extra (if you made a copy to do the cache / mkext build).


17. Hide files


defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

killall Finder

removes viewing of hidden files.


18. Shut down


19. Unplug the drive from the Mac and plug in (if using USB) or replace in your lappy,


20. Boot and Snowy works. Just one more thing to do.


21. Mount the EFI partition again (7)


22. Delete dsmos.kext


rm –rf /Volumes/EFI/dsmos.kext


23. From 4211-10A432/Other copy fakesmc.kext into EFI/Extra/Extensions.


24. The cache & mkext need to be rebuilt again so do via whatever method you used at 16


25. Shut down reboot and enjoy your MiniAir fully working.


General notes:


Kernel log shows: localhost kernel[0]: Refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily, v2.0: a loaded copy with a different executable UUID is already present.

Don’t be tempted to remove IOGraphicsFamily from EFI/Extra (Unless you know how to fix the error - let us know) you will get KP next boot and it takes a bit of sorting out to recover. I tried it.


Very Important: If you change or modify kextss or load anything that adds kexts rebuild the cashe /mkext before reboot.


Be careful if you do a migration via migration assistant later from an existing install especially machine settings and users. I only brought over applications. Other stuff like music, films and stuff you can just drag & drop.


I cannot guarantee the above will work with other or additional kexts or hardware e.g. different wifi, touchpad’s, or clone machines or using anything other than mac mini.


Do the above entirely at your own risk and don’t complain to me if you get it wrong.


Finally a big thank you to all the real geniuses who keep this community alive with their fixes, loaders, decryption, emulation, etc

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