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No hard drives at install screen [Solved]


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I get to the installation screen but it is not showing any drives to install to and disk utility is showing only my USB drive. Do you think that would that be a BIOS issue or a missing kext? My BIOS is set to ATA not ACHI.


I do have Leo installed on a different HDD but in the same machine which works OK. Well I say OK it is using my old kalyway 10.5.2 install disk and I have no functioning GFX, HDD or sound as I didnt bother to get them working. Only using it to get snow up and running! :)


The machine is a Dell Optiplex 755, 2.0Ghz E2150 Pentium Dual core, 1GB Ram, dont know on the mobo as its is Dell branded.


Edit: Drive needed to be set to AHCI. After than all resolved and installed. Now just to get networking, sound and GFX working :)

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