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Bootable restore DVD?


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Hello everyone,


I hope I don't get scolded here but I've searched around and I'm not finding answers.


I've finally got my installation the way I want it, now I want to back it up.

And by "back it up" I mean a bootable restore disc that can restore my install back to "now".


Searching I'm finding everyone talking about backing up to another HD. That's not what I'm looking to do.

Even if I have to have a bootable restore cd and also have a data DVD for the restore cd to use thats fine.

Or even better make a Bootable DVD that contains a clone of my OSX partition in which to restore from.


I've made a clone using Carbon but this worthless without a working OSX install...

If any of you are familiar with Acronis, this is essentially what I'm trying to do but with OSX.

You can boot from this cd. Once booted insert a blank DVD and choose the partition to clone.

If your HD is trashed or you fry your install, you can boot the same cd click restore insert your backup DVD (clone partition) and be up and running exactly where you cloned in 10 minutes.


I've also seen many people talking about a making a live dvd, this isn't what I'm looking to do either. Hope I've haven't confused everyone, sometimes I just can't find the words to explain what I'm trying to do and make sense :) ...


Any and all input is appreciated...


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The Mac OS install DVD includes the ability to run Disk Utility. You should be able to use that to restore a backup, provided you have the means to access the backup while the install DVD is in the DVD drive. (You could put the backup on a USB flash drive or a second partition on your disk.)


Alternatively, you could create a bootable USB flash drive installation of Mac OS X and use that to restore a backup that's stored on a DVD, another computer (via a network connection), etc.


Offhand, I don't know of an easy way to make a bootable single-disc restore DVD, which I believe is what you're asking for. IMHO, this isn't a major limitation.

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