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Boot up goes Grey-Blue-Grey


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So, retail is on my PC.

Using this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/08/how-to-...-pc-hackintosh/

(PC EFI chameleon 1.0 has to be used, 2.0 KP's)



But after the grey boot screen with the half eaten apple and spinner the screen goes blue as if to login before fading grey with the mouse visible for a brief moment where it can be moved.


I have Q6600 @3.0GHz,

8 GB ddr2 800 mhz crucuial Ram,

Asus p5w-dh,

ATI Radeon HD 3650 512mb,


1st Sata - Leopard (Running Bootifully)

2nd Sata - Data

1st IDE (NOT on the Jmicron IDE to sata) - GUID Snow leopard


Sorry if there is a sol'n to this on the board already but due to the ambiguity of searching for grey screen on any osx86 pages I have been unable to find it. So flame if you must but help is much more appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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quick reply, thanks


alas i have booted with -v -x -s -x32 and only safe mode allows me to boot, but its barely usable (as in i have wlan and cant use it in safe mode...) and as for the link... who knows where it went but this guide is a clone


ok this is pissing me off, board wont let me post the other link


so i have to spell it (if i post the link it reverts back to the dead one)


insanelymac.com/2009/08/ how-to-install-snow-leopard-10a432-on-pc-hackintosh/

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