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Black screen when using EFI strings 8800GT 512MB

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Hey people... Hope someone can help me out, I'm going mad here!


I've got a perfect vanilla 10.5.8 running on another harddrive...

Got Snow running good on a seperate harddrive, with sound, networking - just can't get hardware accelerated GFX.


Installed retail Snow using my 10.5.8 system, EFIv10.1, the usual extensions in /E/E

I am not using dsdt.aml..


GFX is working via software rendering, but as soon as I add EFI strings to the boot.plist in /E/E - the system boots, but I get a black screen. I know it's running coz I can get sounds, eject DVD tray via keyboard etc.


I've tried using EFI studio, UIinstaller, copying the hex from my 10.5.8 system = all don't work.


One thing I thought of was that a while ago when there was an issue with mouse jerking when a Quicktime update came out, I flashed my GFX card with a custom ROM that solved it.

I don't know if that would be the cause... because it works perfectly with EFI in 10.5.8

I also got the same result adding Natit.kext to /S/L/E

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Solved now.


I flashed my GFX with a vanilla ROM from the manufacturers website using nvflash. Then created my own custom EFI string using OSX Tools with DVI / DVI output.


All working properly now.

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