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i subscribed to this forum just to lol about the number of clueless people that would start rolling in here begging for help, refusing to search, expecting people that have already spent their own time working on their own machines, to pay attention to their ADD and respond to their poor little personal problem, their machine is so specific and they just can't figure anything out.


1. if you're running leopard and looking to upgrade, great! me too!, you can't do this with boot132, you have to do this from inside of leopard, snow leopard boots differently so don't assume that this is the same OK!?


2. please exhaust searches before you think that your'e super unique, trust me, i doubt you have that different of a chipset than everyone else, theres solutions for most situations already discussed, in tire, on these forums.


3. i'm no pro either! i have to ask for help, but believe me, i've never posted for help unless i was really suuuure that what i needed to know wasn't listed somewhere, no i'm not awesome, no i don't think i'm better than you, i just don't want this board flooded with nonsense, which is what is happening right now, this site works best for information if its not spread so thin,


4. if you don't have leopard running already, then you're in for some work, its in your best interest to have leopard working already.


5. search your motherboard model/make, if theres not information or someone thats done it, try your chipset, most of what you need is secondary to chipset, and its the most important for getting os x actually running, don't assume what worked in leopard will work in SL either, and when you get Leopard running get ready for kernel panics, we all had them, if you're just dealing with build 432 you're lucky, you should have tried 380..haha, we don't need 238402059205834 posts about how you're getting kernel panics, these are WELL documented all over this site as well as others, its most likely due to the fact that right now most people are installing from inside of leopard and its messing with permissions, stay calm, search for solutions, you most likely just need a permissions repair.


sorry if this is a rant but its ABUSRD the amount of repeated material thats popping up on this site.

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