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Issues booting with ati 4800 series kext from netkas

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I am attempting a Snow Leopard install using the OSInstall.mpkg method while booted into my previous Leopard install. I have gotten as far as booting into the desktop with no issues, other than lack of sound, drives showing up as folders, and QE/CI not being available as well as no native resolution.


Here is my current configuration:


Intel E8400 @ 3.6GHz

6GB DDR2 800

Asus EAH 4890 1GB


My primary concern right now is the video. Upon installation of the netkas package (patched x2000, ati4800controller, and aty_init) the system would no longer boot up. Originally it complained of drives being unmountable, since their journal is dirty and read-only. On other occasions it would stop booting while attempting to mount an NTFS disk. Now it seems to stop while attempting to initialize sound. It is fairly inconsistent, but it is always after DSMOS "arrives."


I am using the usual (names from memory) fakesmc, IOAHCIblockinjector, NullCPUpower, openhaltrestart, etc kexts.


One thought came to mind that perhaps the Asus dev id has not been added to the drivers yet, but does it support all 4890 or just specific vendors?


Any help or insight is appreciated.

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