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I can't dualboot Windows 7 and Leopard


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I installed iatkos v7 successfully and when boot0:error came I restored my Windows partition using the repair DVD I made. My old OS came back as the main boot loader with Leopard as an OS installed in a partition but not registered in the bootloader. I got easybcd and added the osx86 mac loader to the selection and rebooted my PC.


When I select it there's an error saying Chain booting error. I don't know what to do but I've followed normal instructions but i'm stuck in dual booting. Can someone help me directly? Please don't link me to another article. I need help, not a refreshing. PLEASE ANSWER PROMPTLY than ignoring this thread.


Also when i try to make my Windows 7 partition OR my Mac partition active (they're both logical and not primary and I don't know why) a command error comes saying Virtual Disk error, the specified partition is not valid for the operation.




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