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All Extensions are deleted


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I did a great job and deleted all my kexts and the system crashs after all files were deleted :)


So, I installed MacDrive in windows and copied all kexts from my backup directory which I made with OSX tools.

But the system didn't boot.


I booted the Retail install and started the disk utility which told me that the drive are corrupt and I had the utility fix it (the permissions too). But the system didn't boot.


I started the OS as a single user and deleted all the kexts and the mkext again, copied the backuped kexts again and rebooted.

Now the system boots until the blue background with the mouse in the upper left corner appears and it alternates between the blue background and a black one with some error plots.


the loginwindow crashreport is at http://pastebin.com/m75b88bf3


Please help

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