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Upgrading from 10.5.1


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Hi all,


Sorry if this is a really stupid/simple question, I'm fairly good with PC's but a bit of a n00b when it comes to mac! I have just installed the iAtkos v1.0i on my Vista laptop (dell inspiron 6400) and got everything working (graphics, sound, ethernet, also used OUI's tscsync fix) except wireless which I understand there's problems with.


I'm using the Vanilla kernel 9.1 according to OSX86tools, and my os x version is 10.5.1.


But I wanted to know whether it is safe (or even possible) to update my os x software to 10.5.8? And if it is possible, how should I do it (i.e. software update or other method), and will doing so mess up my graphics fixes etc...?


Thanks in advance :wacko:

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