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AppleBCM440XEthernet initDriverObject failed problem

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I am having a problem with my Broadcom440xEthernet drivers.


I am using Kalyway updated to 10.5.8.


When I first install with the 10.5.2 dvd, it worked fine. When I did the Kalyway combo update the ethernet port stopped working. I fixed this issue by copying AppleBCM440XEthernet.kext into the IONetworking.kext, deleted Extensions.mkext and rebooted. I then updated to 10.5.4 with no problem. Then 10.5.5 again with no problem, but one I updated to 10.5.6 it stopped working.


I booted with -v and when it loads the driver it says "AppleBCM440XEthernet: initDriverObjects failed."


I have searched extensively for a solution but have found none, so I was hoping you guys could help me out.

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Same problem using ideneb's leopard 10.5.8 kernel

applebcm440Xethernet: initDriverobjects failed


I actually had it working for 1 hour, but I do not have a clue what made it work and now its gone again no matter what I try...


Replacing with an old ionetworking does not work for me either.

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