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looking for gtx 275 driver

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If you're on 10.5.6 or higher:


Go to the drivers section on the Nvidia website and download the OSX drivers for the GTX 285.


Drag the installer to the desktop, open the package (right click, show contents) and open the install script inside in a text editor.


Find the two model identifiers in there and change one of them to match yours if it doesn't already.

You can see your model identifier in System Profiler.


Save the edited script, and you can run the installer.


If your present injection method isn't working, try NVEnabler. Find it at the ProjectOSX forums.


If it still doesn't work, you need to manually add your card's device ID to the info.plist in some of the driver kexts.

You'll find a well written and detailed guide at the ProjectOSX forums as well.

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I found this osx86wiki ? If you scrool down you find this BFG 275 Works with EFI String, using OSX86 Tools & NVCAP to generat. OK, I use OSX86 Tools bat i Don't now about NVCAP... never used???!!!!

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